Edwin G. Ditlow,
Philadelphia NCS

VP, Business Development   |  
Commercial Sales


Ed serves as Vice President, Business Development for Chicago Title’s Philadelphia National Commercial Services (NCS) operation. He has been a member of the title insurance industry since 1983. Prior to joining Chicago Title in 2002, Ed was a vice president with Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company. His responsibilities have always been client development, management and retention. Ed's team respectfully provides professional title services on single site and multi-site acquisition and financing transactions throughout the United States.

At the beginning of each transaction it is important that a title operation immediately convey confidence, trust and professionalism to all parties.

Ed focuses on bringing projects to a successful close on schedule by providing reasonable and flexible underwriting guidance to his team. He believes providing title insurance services is a complex process and the title operation is the conduit through which a transaction is closed. When all parties in a transaction communicate information, provide evidences, instruments and funds, only then can we achieve the goal of a successful closing.

With the support of its team members, the Philadelphia NCS has been honored each year with an award for meeting the operation’s goals.